Leather Goods Manufacturer in Spain Europe

Founded more than 50 years ago, we use our extensive expertise to offer manufacturing services to worldwide customers in search of world class quality products.

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True crafstmanship

Our leather goods craftsmen manufacture bags, wallets, document holders, accessories and all types of small leather goods. We have inherited the skills and expertise of the Andalusian town of Ubrique. All our products are completely made in Spain (Europe, following the traditional techniques and prestige of Made in Europe leather goods.

Quality first

The strength of our quality manufacturing comes from numerous, minute quality controls: from the selection of hardware to the impeccable leathers we select and adapt to your designs.

Work with Us

Evaluation Process

Evaluate your products or idea

Our work begins with a product idea, illustrated in drawings, images or tech packs. During this phase our experts will evaluate the viability of your ideas and will assist you in making the best decisions when creating your product.

Materials Selection

Selection of Leather and Materials

At SPS we place at your disposal an extensive variety of leather and hardware, thanks to our close, long-standing relationships with the best European suppliers.

Prototype Fabrication

Sample development and Production Budget

As a last stage prior to production, our experts will construct working samples. This stage helps us refine the process and will ensure our clients can envision the final result.